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A Silent Lullaby

written by: Deepti Singh


A chilly dark night and I raise my arms to seek you
You fall like a million translucent droplets from the sky
And I spread myself to hold you in your essence.
Spread out a little more you say and
show me what you are, my way
A tad fat, and listen keep that soul away
A little is fine and you draw the line
You smirk as a part of me grows
There's no space on the other side
And now I have nothing left to hide
I draw my limbs back and eye webs dangling across the moon
Your back holds a tattoo of my name you tried to erase from the files
It's dark and my eyes flow a silent lullaby into the white sheets
It's not blood, I silently remind the dark
Don't worry, it won't leave its mark

Deepti Singh

Deepti Singh

I am a doctor by profession with a passion for writing especially on nature and human behaviour and relationship.
Am currently on my first novel which will be a work of fiction.
Deepti Singh

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