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To Find a Dream

To Find a Dream

written by: Marzia Rahman



“It’s very important to have dreams. It gives our life purpose,” the woman in yellow sari says with a big smile. She is a psychiatrist. She works in Shanti Clinic.
There are two other doctors in the clinic, but they don’t talk or laugh much. Maybe they don’t have dreams in their lives.
We are having group therapy. There are five of us of different ages and sizes with different sorrows and woes, but we have one thing in common—we have all lost ourselves. And this fine lady with freckles all over her face will fix us. Does she have a husband? A secret boyfriend who will fill her with dreams but will bring chaos too. She should keep her eyes open, heart closed. She should not waste her time asking silly questions.
She asks me again, “What is your dream?”
I had so many dreams. Where did all my blue dreams go? I bit my nails. I look around. Six faces looking at me, waiting. I need to find at least one tangible dream. It comes to me suddenly. My eyes sparkle. I smile and reply, “My dream is to find a dream.”

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