Recipe of Survival and Sustenance, prose by Marzia Rahman at
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Recipe of Survival and Sustenance

Recipe of Survival and Sustenance

written by: Marzia Rahman



Switch on your sunny face.

Put red lipstick, red bindi and smile.

Cut out the corpses of meaningless confrontations.

Add concealer on your bruised cheek. This is not the first time, and you fear it may not be the last.

Take some time to think, to reevaluate. Rekindle the hopes you buried long ago and grow some courage.

Mix self-love and confidence together.

Stir in flames of pride and rage.

When and if self-doubt creeps in, turn the flame higher.

Bring a trusted friend and a fierce lawyer.

Pour the newly attained self-belief in a brightly hand-painted bowl.

Decorate with edible sunshine flowers.

Serve divorce paper, sprinkled with sugar-coated terms.

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