To Love And To Withstand, written by Khalid Belkhalfi at

To Love And To Withstand

To Love And To Withstand

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


Can you take this burning fire
out of my hand
How long can you hold it?
try if you want to understand
Here take it. Don’t drop it
until you finish reading
You can quit anytime
if you feel too much suffering…

Forgiveness is a difficult task
that should be well thought
But how many times can you forgive
the same fault
When you’ve been told, it’s the last time
you’ll see the wrongdoing
But only lies and bad behavior
they are pursuing…

Can you still believe someone
when they lie to you once more?
What if the lie was going to destroy
a thing you worked hard for?
Your family, your career
or a person you love or desire
Tell me now how do you feel?
Can you still hold the burning fire?

Trust is a mine of gold.
It is essential in a relationship
It keeps lovers or family and friends
in the same ship
How about betrayal, can you swallow it
to keep the ship floating?
Or maybe you swear that never again
you’ll go boating…

How many stabs can you take
before you raise your hand?
Because it is easy to just let
your anger expand
What if I tell you, that your killer is
someone, you care about?
Is the burning sensation in your hand
pushing you to shout?

I’m going to stop. Drop the fireball now.
I think you understand
A real man has great powers
to love and withstand…

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