Dirge To Humanity written by Ipsita Banerjee at Spillwords.com

Dirge To Humanity

Dirge to Humanity

written by: Ipsita Banerjee



He raped a three year old.

Yes, in a stationary bus.

While her five year old brother

Screamed to let her go, alas!

It did not make the front pages

A rag-picker’s child rarely does.

Some read the news and shuddered,

“Thank God it’s not us”.

And some saw it and said,

“Say a Muslim did it, not us!”

The children got lost in the telling,

Few felt the thrust

Of the knife in humanity

As it fell oozing pus,

The last shreds of conscience

Sad clowns in a circus.

Thank God, it’s not us.

“Thank God, it’s not us!”

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