Together, in a Crowded Place, a poem by Michelle Ayon Navajas at
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Together, in a Crowded Place

Together, in a Crowded Place

written by: Michelle Ayon Navajas


in a spot where the crowd is proud
to strut and to flaunt all that they have
from a bejeweled phone case to the latest
fashion trend, to what’s new, what’s hot

in the same spot, the same scene, the same place
I’d flaunt not my Rolex Zenith Daytona watch
nor my bloody red Louis Vuitton Brentwood bag
not even my Hermes Oran slides

in a multitude of people gathered to share
their daily routines, life updates, even dreams
I’d talk not of how my life has been so far
or my “what ifs” and my hundreds of “maybes”

in a jam-packed crowded place, I’d show off
my most precious, dearest, valuable piece
that no amount of hard cash or ready money
could compensate to pay, to buy, to acquire

in a huddled place, loaded with different faces
I’d display with great pride, with honor, and
a smile on my face, I’d take your hand, together,
let’s reveal to the world what true love is

baby, hold my hand, in a crowded place
together, let’s flaunt each other, with
nothing but the undying love in our hearts
and the hope of true love forever

let’s do what they call crazy weird
a public display of affection
in a crowded place, damn!
who cares!

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