Tomboys, a poem by Rae S. Earley at
Omid Armin



written by: Rae S. Earley (thestoryscripter)


Renee was a sharp little girl
With attitude to match for a fox
She’d bark at the bully
The coward, he’d scurry
When he saw her red wild locs

She’d dance on her desk in front of a crowd
She’d climb every tree in the yard
‘Till the teachers all yelled
With their whistles and bells
But getting her down was hard

The resident tomboy of Lu
Was a title that made her beam
Parents would whisper
The ravens would kiss her
But nothing would change it would seem

It was Friday one day that Renee met her match
A new girl from the district yonder
She ran the whole mile
At gym with a smile
And slid through the halls with a saunter

Her aura rolled in brilliant flavors
Dashing and confident sly
Renee was a-shock
At the new girl’s cool walk
Oh no, this would not fly

She blocked the girl’s exit that very day
As soon as the last kid was out
She knew what she’d say
‘Stay out of my way’
With a very well-practiced pout

But the new girl just grinned
With braces of pink on her teeth
She leaned in a bit
Her cat-eye legit
And asked ‘wanna go skating next week?’

This was not the response she prepared for
She had caught Renee off her guard
The thought of the day
With the new girl was cray
But how could she disregard?

It took many weeks before the two girls
Found themselves at the hip
But as fate would have it
The two found a habit
Of bucking the feminine script

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