Tragedy at Uvalde, a poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker at
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Tragedy at Uvalde

Tragedy at Uvalde

written by: Kenneth Vincent Walker


The sad story of Uvalde
Is one that needs to be
Told and seared within
Our damaged psyche;
That the blood soaked

Clothing of innocence
Never again be soiled
By a lone gunman the
Likes of which we’ve
Not experienced since

Sandy Hook Elementary
In savagery or pure evil.
A heroic young teacher
Who succumbed to her
Wounds protecting her

Terrified students while
All hell breaks loose.
The police reluctant to
Engage for fear that the
Shooter has them out

Gunned and their orders
Unclear in how they may
Proceed as the carnage
Mounts with limp little
Bodies once brimming,

Beaming with sacred life
Who will no longer play
And run all because of
What this monster has
Done. So distraught with

Shock and grief over the
Atrocities in this violent
Act the grieving husband
Of our heroic teacher
Within two days suffers a

Fatal heart attack leaving
Behind four children of
Their own now orphaned
And alone as sadness and
Mourning ripples through

A dazed community while
The rest of the nation and
World ponder as to why
This is uniquely a part of
The American experience.

So ban assault weapons
In favor of protecting the
Lives of our children now!

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