Transformation, poetry by Geeta Tripathee at
Faisal Amir



written by: Geeta Tripathee


translated by: Suman Pokhrel



He turned towards
an unknown destination, somewhere
too far beyond my sight,
the impassive night around him
might be barking loudly at his deeds, and
right at this moment,
I, an anxious song of well wishes
want to resonate along his pathway.

My impervious dreams
exiled to somewhere far away
keep returning back to me
by getting transformed, into
breeze at a moment, and rain at the other
and getting converted into teardrops at times.

I often get messed up
entirely within myself with a question that
when the goer
who has turned towards a desolate path
would return back to
his ultimate destination?

However, it is certain that
he will speak becoming conclusive delight-
‘there is dark outside
and I am merged within that darkness
and, in me
you are assimilated.’

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