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Travel Plans

Travel Plans

written by: roger turner



A nice cruise from New York, I thought

From down by Pier two-one

I thought I’d head to England

For a good old spot of fun

An Ocean trip, some nice fresh air

Eleven days at sea

I thought this would perfect to

Help inspire me

I’d never been to Europe

So I did some reading first

The history’s insane there

The books did quench my thirst

I couldn’t wait to get there

To travel all around

And take all sorts of pictures

To show folks what I’d found

On board, I met a punter

A real hard boiled chap

He told me of  “his England”

Not the funny, tourist crap

He asked where I was going

I said “I’ve no idea”

He told me that he’d show me things

As long as I bought beer

I asked him what he meant by this

He said “Just wait and see”

“I’ll show you things…will curl your hair”

“You watch son, follow me.”

He told me of a werewolf

Running loose in London town

He was killing folks in Soho

And they couldn’t bring him down

He said “Two nights from now”

“The moon would be real nice”

“A full moon brings out werewolves son…”

“That’s your first bit of advice”

I shuddered then, I wasn’t sure

If “this England” would be right

But, I begged off from the table

And I settled for the night

My mind was working overtime

Nightmares and dreams came quick

And with the heaving on the water

I woke up to be sick

I went up on the deck to walk

And grab a little air

But who to my surprise was

by the railing standing there

He said “I thought you’d be here sooner

Isn’t it a lovely moon?

Just a few more days to go

The werewolf walks real soon”

“Let’s go and get a coffee”

“I figured I won’t get back to sleep”

“And my nerves are really shaky”

“I know I won’t sleep deep”

He said “Don’t worry laddie”

“I’ve lots more tales to speak”

“But their stories for the hearty”

“And you son…seem so weak”

I asked him about Whitechapel

He said ….”Oh, Jack the Ripper”

“He murders girls down that way son”

I then peed in my slippers

“He goes around at night you see

And picks up girls in the night gloom

Then he takes them back and guts them

In the comfort of their room”

I thought, I wanted jolly stuff

Like palaces and such

This tour of London murder sites

Well, it seems a little much

I said “I’ve heard of Harley Street”

“Can we go there for a ride?”

He said “No problem son..”

“We might meet Mr. Hyde”

“Dr. Jekyll drinks this stuff

That turns him to a beast

The monster’s name is Mr. Hyde

It’s in London…to the east.”

I thought, this isn’t what

I signed on to go see

I didn’t want the next victim

To end up being me.

I said “Is there a place that’s safe at all?”

He said “I can take you by the palace”

“We can go walk up the mall”

I said “that would be perfect”

“That doesn’t sound so hard”

He said “Just watch for Moriarty”

“Sherlock Holmes and Scotland Yard”

At this point I got up and said

“I think I’m off to bed”

“All this talk of horror”

“Caused an aching in my head”

I said “I think, I’ll just move on

And travel somewhere like Albania”

He said that I must see His friend

in southern Transylvania.

He said Mr. Van Helsing

Would take me for a tour

And with what I’d see in Europe

I’d forget the London gore.

I thanked him and I went to bed

And I then asked him his name

“‘Dracul’ he said…but call me ‘Vlad'”

“I’m sure we’ll meet again”

I changed my plans, went to my room

And I figured “What the heck”

But I have this one last question

“Why was he staring at my neck?”

Roger Turner

Roger Turner

I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I have published a few books "The Christmas Ponies", "Sarah and The Christmas Ponies" among others on amazon. My tastes run to Stephen King, but reach from Dr. Suess, and Shel Silverstein. I love golf and old films and anything related to old Las Vegas. I am married to the love of my life, Megan, and have been for 19 years.
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