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Trial of the Century and Superhuman Culture

Trial of the Century and Superhuman Culture

written by: Tom Ball


It was called the trial of the century. I was governor of Luna. And I had been breeding exceptionally clever peoples’ eggs and semen and creating Superhumans. But many conservatives on Earth were incensed by my breeding program, saying my Superhumans were perverted, and some were multi-sexual. The conservatives claimed these Superhumans would render humans obsolete and that was anathema. They accused me of crimes against humanity and said I was a sinister, evil figure. They said, “You had forced all the denizens of Luna to “improve” their minds, which I said was not true and they had all changed of their own free will. And I denied the rest of their accusations.”

The jury wanted more information from other people of Luna as to whether they were under pressure to change. They all said yes, they felt enormous pressure, but now were all glad they’d done it. The jurors wanted to know more about multi-sexual Luna dwellers, and wondered if this was the future. I explained, “If one had a totally open mind, one could enjoy and respect the multi-sexual Superhumans.”

My lawyers of course had tried to pick open-minded jurors. However, in the court of public opinion, many thought Luna was a freak show and many people couldn’t understand why everyone on Luna had to be a Superhuman?

During the course of the trial, all of my top ten deputy Mayors, had to testify. Jurors wanted clarification on what the deputies thought would happen in the near future. They revealed that, Space beyond the Solar System would be for Superhumans only, and I knew this was damning. I testified that Earth would always be mainly for humans. The jurors wanted to know what I thought about androids taking away all human jobs in the near future. I reluctantly revealed that, I thought it was a good thing. It would allow humans to indulge in hobbies, interests, parties and go back to school to improve themselves. I knew this would rankle the jurors, but I had been previously on record saying humans would be superfluous.

When it came time to render a verdict, it was a hung jury, and I was released on $1 billion bail. I fled to the Centauri System where there was only a single colony of 500 Superhumans, who all loved me. I immersed myself in local affairs and had genetic therapy to increase my intelligence so I could keep up with these people. Most of them were very imaginative and believed Superhumans should all have a great imagination.

One of the Superwomen I met here told me, “I recorded some of my better-known dreams, like a dream of Superorgies. Also, a dream of the future in which everyone was a Superhuman genius, and a dream of movie making Superhumans. Like a movie about a higher love. A movie about how every Superhuman will dream conscious dreams, daydreams in graphic detail and converse through dream visions. A dream of 3-D love Online. A movie about being marooned alone in deep Space. A dream of winning in court and setting the stage for Superhumans to be mass-produced.”

I had many Superhuman dreams, and the people of Centauri did too.

I met a convivial Superwoman here, who told me she envisioned, “A lasting peace in other Solar Systems and having all the Superhumans here vetted with MRT (Mind Reading Technology) to ensure they were all peaceful. Nearly all of them were benign, but there were a few that had to be taken out. Basically, here on Centauri we were mass-producing Superhumans in the lab and they were born as adults with the memories of the parent of the same sex they were. We were improving in time, making our descendants more imaginative, cleverer and kinder with an artistic bent, believing science had gone as far as it could within reason. We had to catch up with science before doing any more! Of course, all our people were entrepreneurs, always looking for opportunities to grow the economy. There was so much real estate to be developed in the System and we were prepared for an influx of Superhuman immigrants from Luna.”

After I fled Luna, Superhuman production decreased, and we worried about our brothers and sisters there. We sent Spaceships to pick many of them up. Indeed, we built many Spaceships. Also, some that could go to deeper Space. The science was already there.

Anyway, all of us on Centauri made a fresh start in the new System. We forgot about Earth and its wars and strife.

I loved a Superwoman who said, “Most people thought AI was the future. But we have proved Superhumans are the future.” She wrote of far future geniuses who would be incomprehensible to modern geniuses. Geniuses would evolve and would be very much a part of the future. One area of science that was still open was the creation of better Superhumans. We vowed to leave Earth to the humans. Space was so vast with so much opportunity. Humans no doubt would continue warring with one another, but we didn’t worry about them, except to get Superhumans off from Earth. There were always scientists that were trying to create geniuses on Earth. As far as we were concerned all genius was Superhuman material. Each genius excelled in at least one form of endeavor. Of course, some of them were idiot savants, but we could work with such people to improve them. Our goal was to make well-rounded geniuses, who were multi-talented and could multi-task. Some of us said, we had already reached maximum intelligence with our Superhumans. But I was of the opinion that the sky was the limit, and that we would make Gods.

Some asked me what Gods would be like? I told them, “Gods would have Superpowers, like the ability to teleport at will and telekinesis. They would have natural power to mind read, and so would all be on the same team. I figured some Gods would get rid of their body and become creatures of pure intelligence.”

There was one Superwoman here who was cleverer than me. She told me, “Superhumans would be required to be great lovers. Everyone would be required to have sex frequently and engage in constant brotherly love. There was no room in the future for rancor. Everyone would be kind and peaceful and there would be no armies, nor bloodshed. If one was contemplating violence, they’d have their minds re-arranged.” I agreed with her totally.

This Superwoman lover of mine, told me, “Reality will be multiform, each Super persona will have their own little dreamworld and will share their dreams with everyone who was interested. Life would be but a dream and no one should be overly serious.” I told her, “But my trial was very serious, and I feel life here was very serious.” She said, “Lighten up!” And, “Our future looks bright. You should be more positive and more optimistic.” I replied, “I’m trying.” And she added, “You are the leader. You need to inspire the Superpeople.”

That’s how it was in the early 22nd Century!

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