Unannounced, poetry by Michelle Ayon Navajas at Spillwords.com
Valerie Jane De Lara (model: Jalline Pebres)



written by: Michelle Ayon Navajas


how do i mend my broken heart?
my broken mind? my broken promise? my broken hope?
every time i look at myself in the mirror
i can’t help but see the brokenness in me.

that broken piece of me you took away
i don’t blame you for that though
but i must say i hated you for leaving me
just like that.


how dare you not give me the chance
the chance every human being deserve
the chance to say goodbye
the chance to watch you go.

but you went.

unannounced. unnoticed.

and i don’t know if i could ever
forgive myself or you, or the circumstances
surrounding your departure.

it sucks.
it hurts.
it pains me so damn hard.

and i don’t know how to get over it.
you left me, dad.


and i am broken
even decades after.

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