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Rainy Days

Rainy Days

written by: Satabdi Saha


I sang to you with the voice of the rain
On dry days of coconut shells on desert plains
Till slatey clouds heavily gathered
And lightning burst to birth the monsoon weather.
In those days we talked silently
Through the rooftop patter of heaven’s blessings
Drenching with love inside, or splashing
Our feet on puddles by the roadside.
We soaked ourselves with rain-kissed eyes
While branches necked, each with each
Under umbrellas of shining leaves
Bending low with the whispery breeze,
Fresh breathing in, lips on lips,
A monsoon trance, you and I.
The coconuts then soft, silky, sweet kernelled
Brimmed with rain-songs inside.
We took in the mesmerizing earth- smell
Clammy with satiety of wetness awhile
Pervading our senses, yet ephemeral,
Like camphor when old linen is freed
To replace the rain- wet.

I can’t shut the windows still
The windswept flushes uninvited,
Continue to fill my ribs, sweeping me,
Feeding my arid hunger
With soggy dreams of good-bye days
Breaking the bricked up heart- wall I built
The day you fired my raining soul to ashes.

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