A Poem For My Dad, written by Benjamin J. Sams at Spillwords.com
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A Poem For My Dad

A Poem for My Dad

written by: Benjamin J. Sams


Of all the times you comfort me,
Of all the times you care,
Of all the times we ride together,
All the time we share,
Of all the times you’ve been there
When I needed you the most,
Of all the times, forays untold,
I thought that I was toast,
Of all the simple pleasures found,
The game, the food, the Band,
Of all the times, though distant,
We were walking hand in hand.
Of all the times I know that,
You were here, no matter what.
Of all the times built out of discord,
Ties were never cut.
For all these times some words are cheap,
But still I feel we’ve won,
For some ring true,
“I love you” and “I’m proud to be your son”.

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