I Want It Darker, a poem by Freya Pickard at Spillwords.com

I Want It Darker

I Want It Darker

written by: Freya Pickard



do not criticise my musical taste
because it does not match your own
death-light devours, delights in macabre
lost innocence can never be regained

there is darkness inside me
hollow emptiness
where once my heart resided
incapable of emotion
now my womb has gone
save for blind rage
and negative frustration

what you find mellow, bores me
what inspires you, sends me to sleep
such things no longer resonate
instead, recognition resounds
when twilight notes
and shadowed lyrics reach my ears
they keep the demons at bay
take the emptiness away

I identify with midnight
these melodies of nightfall
lyrics breathed in shadow
syllables born of frustration
rage expressed
strikes a chord within

for now the hollow place is no longer empty
the darkness is hallowed
and echoes with peace

for aliveness and connection
give me Disturbed and Ghost
but if you feel I need to chill out still
well, there’s always Leonard Cohen –
You want it darker?
you bet I do!

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