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Another Day

written by: A.M. Torres



Another day comes
my brain in a fog
my soul crying out
I'm barely awake.

Day after day
sleeping array
the sun moves away
shadows cast way.

Why won't it stop?
life doesn't wait
the world's endless chill
why stay awake?

Dreary mundane
tiring plus
day after day
another day comes.

A.M. Torres

A.M. Torres

A.M. Torres has published The Child Series beginning with Love Child. It's followed by sequels Child No More, and Child Scorned. She has also published two poetry books Shadowed Tears, and Turmoil. J and K Christmas has been her annual Christmas poem and short story publication. She currently lives in New York City, with her two sons Jason and Kristofer and their father Walter.
A.M. Torres

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