Freya Pickard

Egg, a diamante poem written by Freya Pickard at


Egg written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   egg iron foetus slaying, devouring, flying dragon develops; beast matures dying, swimming, shepherdin...
Trees, a diamante poem written by Freya Pickard at


Trees written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   trees clustered boles singing, chanting, humming choral stand; iron post standing, dominating, poll...
Hill, a poem written by Freya Pickard at


Hill written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   hill lush pasture greening, growing, flowering rises high; flat land burning, salting, flooding vio...
Sand, diamante poem written by Freya Pickard at


Sand written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   sand harsh grains burning, scraping, building fire heart; water song quenching, soothing, circling ...
Moon, a poem written by Freya Pickard at


moon written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   moon blue, distant circling, stirring, gleaming infrequent visitor; regular watchman rising, maintai...
Cold, a diamante poem written by Freya Pickard at


cold written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   cold precise space glittering, gleaming, encroaching far worlds; this body rotating, greening, burge...
Space, diamante poem written by Freya Pickard at


Space written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   space no gravity floating, flying, drifting anti gravity; earth bound falling, holding, securing l...
Warp written by Freya Pickard at


Warp written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   warp time bends wormholing, translating, evading time travel; linear history recording, glorying, ob...
Darkness written by Freya Pickard at


Darkness written by: Freya Pickard @FreyaPickard   darkness bestial fur shadow stalks, creeps, fringes of fear and dread, screaming visage changeling ...
Freya Pickard

Freya Pickard

Freya Pickard is the Author of The Kaerling series, an epic fantasy set in the strange and wonderful world of Nirunen. She writes mainly fantasy tales, with some poetry thrown in, whilst juggling with running a Bed & Breakfast and trying to read as many books as she can. She has published 13 e-books and 6 paperbacks so far and has plans to publish many more. Having survived cancer, Freya is not afraid to explore the darkness and finds her inspiration in the ocean, beautifully written books and vinyl music. When she has time, she likes to bake bread and paint with watercolours!