Splintered, a poem by Freya Pickard at Spillwords.com
Bence Balla Schottner



written by: Freya Pickard



this new landscape within
darkness lit by ghost spirits
who knew bleakness could be so beautiful?
incandescent blue-white flame
of survival glows coldly inside
frost river winds its frozen way
round and round my heart it circles
holding me fixed in place
I’m bound in unmeasured floes
far from heat and fire
sharp seracs pierce my path
undulating snowfields bar my way
numb extremities, ceaseless white
splintered shards deep in my soul
so stark, so bare
drill down through thick green glacier
to the salty liquid of my heart
that beats cold and slow to ice crack
wind moan and to the screams
of shifting ocean waves
translucent skin covers me
protects me from bitter words
you can see me, you cannot touch
I hear you, I cannot feel
what new creature will emerge
from my frigid chrysalis?

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