Wisteria in Spring, poem by Benjamin J. Sams at Spillwords.com
Annie Spratt

Wisteria in Spring

Wisteria in Spring

written by: Benjamin J. Sams


There is no movement
Save sparkling rain and the dance of leaves
A brief flicker of a candle’s reflection
Timed just right
Leaves the mind to wander in the silence

There’s a bird
Ducks for cover fast like a twist of fate
Even light, wet, no shadow
The conversation could be better than now
If there were anyone around

Come ye, perfect thought
I empty myself and am full of wonder
Chilled shudder, bioluminescence
Somehow the sounds once charming
Brush nerves like so many chalkboards

Red turns to gold as fading day breathes in from the west
Wisteria glows royal purple in such showers
Pencil thinks alone on a page
Igniting new poison deep beneath the birth before words
What happens next for the bird?

A momentary lapse of judgement
Dawning green on tomorrow’s horizon
A necessary route so rarely traveled
Still, yesterday knows best
So naively hiding from the rain

Come exhilaration, come tempest
Brave your last on tomorrow’s frontier of ache and longing
There were once those who claimed triumph
But alas, we rage toward darkness
So many fine reasonings long forgotten

Who then is there to think for us now
Those who have risen beyond the peril and the storm?
We remember sickly children and starving mothers
Who then speaks for them
Who never feel the glowing of wisteria in spring?

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