Under The Spring Moon, poetry written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com

Under The Spring Moon

Under The Spring Moon

written by: LadyLily



One in a million-ivory moon,
her strange and secret smile stoops,
kissing youthful dew from a virgin dawn.

Shadows of yesterday
recall winter Jasmine.
Spring’s buried treasure sings
a song of love,
as Sparrow twizzles sunbeams gold.

An unconscious process inspiring awe,
a workroom for artists,
poetry for scholars,
petals flap like pages from a breeze-kissed book.

White Camelia’s oriental headdress enchants,
Buttercups blaze saffron fireworks
as Clover gulps laced air
and Bluebells bubble scent.

Bugle call awakens Springtide spirits…
Dandelions respond, jingling amber-blond.
Late Crocus droop as sleepy scarecrows,
spits of rain wobble Wisteria buds,
hanging emerald necklaces.

Foxglove’s pigmented blooms froth puce pink,
faithful Sweet Peas riddle as rampant Asps.
Phantom Snowdrops morph paper-chain pendants.
Sweet blows lick pinkness from infant Roses,
as adolescent gusts twine prickly leaves to a magical Maypole.

Under lilac skies
clouds of heated opals swell brightness,
stirring syrup air.
Apple-blossoms close their eyes, calm,
till pips embed their onyx once again.

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