Uneven Night, a poem by Shaa Zainol at Spillwords.com
Igor Kasalovic

Uneven Night

Uneven Night

written by: Shaa Zainol


Up in the sky, crushing crimson-blue clouds
Faded rubies try hard to break darks
and the artist streaks across an azure line
relies on the abstract of embroidered rhymes.
All dreams are devoured, deepest desire uncovers
across the ocean of outliers.

Oh, braided life has separated that night
became an uneven shade of trust
made the best occasion turn to rust
How do we meet our next daylight?
There is only melancholic sound, and not
the glorious on the campground.
The innocents faded in their dark box,
while the artist jovially painted on the rosy carpet.
Staring up the ceiling of the moony stars,
singing la la la .. lullabies.

While some showered with flying bombs,
tons of misled surprises hit the bottom
of their hearts. Amidst of the graveyards,
screaming, trembling, losing.
Fight with no doubts, pray like non stop
wishing there were still hopes.

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