Universal Friend, poetry by Douglas John Imbrogno at Spillwords.com

Universal Friend

Universal Friend

written by: Douglas John Imbrogno



You know, I am your friend.
I wasn’t always. But it is good
to have a friend, or the

possibility of one. The sun
shines, the moon evolves
through its stages,

the Earth pivots as
the galaxy swirls. And the next
universe won’t destroy us

with its birth for several
billion years. So, in the
meantime, it is good to

have a friend. It is good
to have the possibility
of having one.

It is good another universe
is coming, too. Since we all
need time to get it right.

So, I am here when
you need me. Now, that
we are together,

in this, our
universe. I await
your call.

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