Earthquakes Strike Causing Pain and Fright by Marius Alexandru at
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Earthquakes Strike Causing Pain and Fright

Earthquakes Strike Causing Pain and Fright

written by: Marius Alexandru



Earthquakes strike, causing pain and fright,
Buildings shake, bringing death to life,
Hopes have been lost in the sad night,
Uncertain time, a time of strife.

The dreams crumble, homes are destroyed,
Many mourn for what they have lost,
Families grieve for what once joyed,
Memories shattered, future tossed.

Through the ruins, a ray of hope,
-The past can never be regained-
People rise, determined to cope,
Life’s Spirit is never contained.

Life goes on with sadness and tears,
Brick-by-brick rebuilding begins,
We won’t forget throughout the years,
With true love, humanity wins.

So let us stand in unity,
And never forget the lives lost,
Let’s all pray in humility,
For those who bear this immense cost.

We are a vapor, like a dew,
A shadow at the break of dawn,
Tomorrow could be me or… you,
Today alive, tomorrow… gone.

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