Women Faith Sonnet, a poem by Marius Alexandru at Spillwords.com
Mahdi Bafande

Women Faith Sonnet

Women Faith Sonnet

written by: Marius Alexandru



My alabaster jar breaks at Your feet,
and pours from it my life, all that I am,
My pains, my fear, my tears, and my defeat,
Without Your Grace, my life is just a sham.

I came for water, to draw from the well,
But my dry soul was thirsty for much more,
Deep in my sin, bound for eternal hell,
I drank Your cup and lived forever more.

I reached for Your garment, Lord, just one touch,
A mustard seed faith in my trembling heart,
You looked at me and loved me, ah so much,
I’m whole; no pain, no shame, a brand-new start.

It’s early morning at Your empty tomb,
Mary! This Voice I know. New flowers bloom.

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