The Way You Made Me Hate You, written by Khalid Belkhalfi at

The Way You Made Me Hate You

The Way You Made Me Hate You

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


The ground beneath my feet is shaking
I’m not scared but my heart is pounding
My red eyes are pouring their pain
The sound of silence is driving me insane

My world is an infinite deserted land
With burning fires and dunes of sand
I’m being consumed alive by a strange fascist
I feel hate and I feel pain like a bad beast

I gaze at the far horizon but I see no light
Only darkness is catching up with my sight
I have no where to hide in this empty place
But I’ll keep running away from your ugly face

I cry for a different place that I can cope
But my voice echos back empty of hope
I’m doomed to live within this abomination
In a world of emptiness and desolation

My body is flushed into a deep faucet
My soul is chained to its imminent death
I’m seeking roads to hell with the speed of light
I’d rather see the devil than have you in my sight

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