The Gentle Pace of Rest, a poem by FC Malby at

The Gentle Pace of Rest

The Gentle Pace of Rest

written by: FC Malby



Damp, cavernous lengths
of tree bark flesh out across

woodland paths — nature’s
barrier to a destination,

thrown down in a storm
forcing you to pause, observe,

feel, scan the frilled rainbow
colours of the lichens and the

glow of beetles finding a
home. Time stands still after

the rains, here in the forest.
Ferns and yellow ochres calm

your senses, peel your mind
from furious emails and incessant

calls, a desk slapped with post-it
notes. We can learn from the still,

quiet pace of nature, from the trees
and creatures that change with the

seasons, leaves stripped bare for
new growth, body temperatures

lowering in readiness for hibernation,
an unlearning of rush, a casting

away of layers of lists and busy,
a discard of heaviness and worry,

the gentle pace of rest is found
here, in nature’s healing balm

with its quiet sounds and drip
drip of moisture, the call of birds

the pause of insects as they wait
for the heat of the sun to rise.

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