Blooming Love Tree, poem by Marius Alexandru at

Blooming Love Tree

Blooming Love Tree

written by: Marius Alexandru



Our roots are deeply anchored in the unmovable love’s soil,
We grew together, and the blizzards of life could not destroy our embrace,
The sharp frost could not freeze our tears, and the deep, rough, hateful cuts could not take away our smiles.

Whispers of love feed our branches and leaves, and we drink daily from the sap of endless passion.
Sun breathes on our one-trunk, warmth, and light,
Under its caressing, we dance a silent old tango, forgetting all the past seasons, keeping only the good memories, and dreaming of the new Spring.

We extend our branches as hands in prayers toward heaven,
We touch angels’ wings each night and sing with the stars a song of gratitude.
We bloom heart-shaped love red flowers because
our roots are deeply anchored in the unmovable love’s soil.

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