The Thing About Spring, poem by Ann Parker at

The Thing About Spring

The Thing About Spring

written by: Ann Parker


Another winter I can tick off as lived.
Though I’ve developed a limp and an arthritic hip.
It will soon be my favourite time of the year,
The snowdrops are blooming so springtime is here.

When I see a bud on a bush or a tree
The resurgence of life does the same thing for me.
It’s not just the flora that’s such a delight
Mother nature gives us some wonderful sights.
The flight of a bird taking food to its young.
Baby animals cared for and guarded by mums.
Somehow the dark that gives way to more light
Gives me a feeling we will all be alright.

Yes, I’m over the hill near the valley of death
But I fear no evil, as my life has been blessed.
God willing, I’ve got many more years to come.
Though I think our minds, thoughts and souls are all one.
So the Heaven we get is the one we believe.
Therefore mine will be springtime with blossoms on trees.
No pearly gates, just a meadow and stile
And my mum and my dad with a wave and a smile.

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