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written by: Leanne Neill



I believed again;
for a little while.
Such a convincing
weave of words
you stitched.
A magic carpet-ride
your edges unraveled,
and again, I was left
on my tiny frayed
square of cynicism.

Leanne Neill

Leanne Neill

Leanne Neill is a company director, mother of three, and a self-professed ‘composer of words'. She has over twenty years of experience in public libraries and local government. In 2016, she started her poetry and art inspired Facebook page: LUST for WORDS, and has since been published in many ezines and pages including Spillwords, Bymepoetry, including their WOMb anthology, The Scarlet Leaf Review, Blue Nib, Raven Cage, Husk Magazine, and US anthologies, Dandelion in a Vase of Roses and Warriors With Wings. Her first collection, Fine Lines and Unpolished Pieces of Me was published by The Australia Times in 2017. Her second poetry collection, Blue Lotus was released in June, 2018.
Leanne Neill

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