The Contract, a poem by Kate Figurska at

The Contract

The Contract

written by: Kate Figurska



The blood was dripping from the knife
The dread in my body foretold the end of life.
With the last hope in my existence.
I’ve begged the devil for his assistance.

He had arrived with the night,
His wicked eyes burning bright.
His vicious grin full of sharp teeth,
His words slow and brief.
In his eyes I could see he knows what I want
And he came to me with a purpose to bond.

I’ve sworn to be his daemon with powers in my reach,
I’ve sworn I’ll write in blood the lesson I shall teach.
I could see it in his eyes, he expects me to deliver,
The burning fire within him made my body shiver.
As a tool and a soldier, I promise to obey,
To please my dear master is my only way.
The vengeance burns my inside like a disease,
But I can bring torment whenever I please.

No longer pure, my flesh has turned rotten,
My name and my life were slowly forgotten.
Where the soul once’s been, there’s only blood,
Half my brain decayed, what’s left is simply mad.
My bones no longer able to keep my body straight,
For the term of this contract, I secretly wait.
Here in the end, I don’t like what I see,
The scariest of nightmares – just me.
And I wonder, despite the beauty of it all
Is this what I wanted when I sold my soul?

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