Viral baby, a poem by Maxwell Godwin at
Jay Mullings

Viral Baby

Viral baby

written by: Maxwell Godwin


Roars, hisses, growls, howls,
were in a symphony across
the land of the giants on a moonlit day,
rejoicing at the birth of a viral baby.

Obstetric scientists are his parents,
but who named him Coronavirus,
and the nickname Covid-19?

Alas, he’s crushed hearts with his soft hands,
since he became monster sans walking.

Streets are now skeletonising,
while houses are getting fattened
by the presence of their masters.

Flowers weep espying sun turn to rain,
like the mourners mourning the dead,
for the world now is a tomb of chaos,
where angel could be mistaken for Satan.

O, so much misery this birth bore,
because most nations cloths have sprinkles of blood.
But we must be miserable, only to be happy,
If our hearts hug hopeful hopelessness.

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