Waiting on Weight, poem by Nikki Berreth at Spillwords.com
I Yunmai

Waiting on Weight

Waiting on Weight

written by: Nikki Berreth



I’m waiting on weight to drop before the doctor helps.
There’s no point, he claims,
Until my frame is not to blame.

I’m waiting on weight to chop this mane.
Society says no short hair
Until my cheeks concave.

I’m waiting on weight to swap old clothing
Not for ones that comfort, but
Until the popular size fits.

I’m waiting on weight to pop the question.
Fearful a partner won’t accept
Until I’m only half the whole.

I’m waiting on weight to stop the scale’s rising.
These diets work wonders,
Until they don’t.

I’m waiting on weight atop this mountain
I never wanted to climb,
Until I was told I couldn’t.

I’m waiting on weight: A nonstop body grief.
And, decades float by
Until it finally sinks in…

My weight waits on me to respect it. To respect myself
At any number
Until I can’t recall why it mattered at all.

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