Waltz of a Sunflower written by Nicole Doyle at Spillwords.com

Waltz Of A Sunflower

Waltz of a Sunflower

written by: Nicole Doyle


She gazes into the puddle of murky water and sees emptiness
Quickly replaced by a lone sunflower
She hears the song of the bumble bee
A smile dangles in the air shadowed by a field of blue madness
it’s hand reaches toward her

Holding tightly to the broken stem
she plunges into the ground

She lands in the arms of the sunflower
Staring into the face of a star who has lost his shine
His eyes are full of butterflies fighting to be free
Wrapping him in an embrace
Letting their tears flow
They dance until he falls limp

The music drones on
An earthen cathedral tune
She kisses his cheek and whispers goodnight
The star fades against the dark sky

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