Washington Irving's Ghost, poetry by Christina Ciufo at Spillwords.com
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Washington Irving’s Ghost

Washington Irving’s Ghost

written by: Christina Ciufo



A specter appears –
saturnine and phlegm,
standing and staring
at his decrypted, faded moss-covered grave.
He slowly turns and walks
through the small copper gate,
roaming through the cemetery.

His face, sepulchral, pale,
and cracked, like a statue’s face,
reflects gelidness and bereavement.

Ebony-sapphire eyes
as eerie and disquieting
as the Hudson River,
illuminates inauspiciousness,
while glancing upon
faded, forgotten names
on different tombstones, mausoleums,
and underneath each statue’s feet.

He turns his head
and in a low, despondent voice, he says,
“Foolish, callow soul,
beware of the headless horseman
for on this night, he rides
on his demon horse around
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, chasing
after a soul like yours to condemn forever
onto these grounds like me.”

He walks towards
the Headless Horseman Bridge,
dissipating into gray mist.

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