Why.?, poetry by Breanna Hobbs-Dunning at Spillwords.com
Angélica Goudinho



written by: Breanna Hobbs-Dunning


I don’t want to be here,
But I don’t want to die.

It’s like being trapped in a box.
Being able to see out,
But no one can see me.

It’s like being able to hear everything,
But no one can hear me.

It’s like being at the bottom of the ocean.
Not being able to breathe,
But not being able to drown.

But it’s not me.
It’s them.

They chose to not hear me,
To not see me.
They chose to not care.
They didn’t save me.


I’m so tired,
But I can’t fall asleep.

I’m so hungry,
But I can’t eat.

Why can’t I.?

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