Lost in Love, poetry by Breanna Hobbs-Dunning at Spillwords.com
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Lost in Love

Lost in Love

written by: Breanna Hobbs-Dunning


Away from home,
I feel all alone.
this place…
Isn’t where I belong

My heart aches,
12:31 I’m wide awake.
Studying a blank wall.

she said she needs to talk to you.
I wonder what for?
it’s months.
What could she need you for?

I know men like you,
“I don’t want to be mean”
Remove not block.
Just in case she needs you,
She can still reach you.

You said you were just friends,
Well.. she was your “girl best friend,”
And I believed you.
You said “I haven’t “done” anything, not close.”
But I think your heart knows,
I can tell in your breath.
I can tell,
Of course I can.

I “love” him.
of course I can tell when he’s been in love.
I can tell desperately that she is much more perfect for him than I am.
And that I’ll have to let him go.
And I can’t be mad at him for it,
when I’m the first to know.

I know I need to let him go.
I need to move out,
And move on.
But my heart doesn’t want to,
I’m stuck.

I’m lost.

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