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Wishes For Kisses

Wishes For Kisses

written by: Author B.A. Rose



Ginny sat on her dorm room bed watching as her friend got ready for a date. A junior, she had one date in her entire life and the guy ditched her for another girl. She ended up taking Uber home.

Susan smiled in the mirror at her. “You need to get out there more. I’m sure a lot of guys would love to date you. Just give it a chance. Next weekend, there’s a masquerade Christmas party. Why don’t we go?”

“I don’t know. Don’t they usually do costume parties at Halloween? Besides, what would I go as?” She had never told Susan that she hadn’t been kissed, just that she hadn’t had a boyfriend. Turning to her, she said, “Go as anything Christmas. How about a sexy Santa’s helper? Or a Christmas fairy? Trust me, you do that, and guys will notice you.”

Fixing her hair one last time, Susan said goodnight and left for her date. Ginny stood up to look into the full-length mirror. She wasn’t unattractive. True she could stand to lose a few pounds but every female in her family was curvy. Her dark brown hair was shoulder length and wavy and complemented her light eyes. She had straight teeth thanks to braces and her breasts were full but not huge. Turning she groaned. Her bubble butt always made her a bit self-conscious but Susan said guys loved that.

She wasn’t looking for a one-night stand, just kisses, and maybe a relationship. Hands on hips she looked into the mirror. “Susan’s right. I need to do something different.” Sighing, she went to make some microwave popcorn and read.


The whole week, students were talking excitedly. Ginny walked toward her dorm. She still wasn’t sure what to be for the masquerade Christmas party. When she got to her room her eyes widened. Hanging on her closet hook was a costume. Putting her book bag down, she walked over. “This can’t be mine.” Taking it down she looked at it. The tag attached to it said, “Sexy Santa’s Helper.” That was taking it lightly. It looked more like slutty Santa’s Helper. The bodice was sweetheart, and the skirt was short. It was red with white ruffles at the sleeves and hemline. Along with it, she saw sheer green fishnet stockings and red ankle boots with green bows at the back. A frilly collar had a little bell dangling from it and there was a little Santa hat.

“What do you think of your costume? It’s cute, right? I saw it and said, that’s Ginny.” Turning, a look of disbelief, Ginny groaned. “I can’t wear this! It will show everything. I appreciate what you did but couldn’t you have chosen something more modest?”

Susan rolled her eyes and sat on her bed. “It’s fine. You’ll look amazing in it and finally show off that body that you keep hidden under large sweaters. Mine is way more provocative. Plus, these were the last two costumes they had in our sizes.” Ginny sighed and looked at the costume again. She did say she would try. “Okay, fine. Just know that if I get laughed at, it’s going to be your fault.”

Walking out of the room she didn’t hear Susan say, “I highly doubt that’s going to happen. I can’t wait for this weekend.”


Saturday night, Ginny put on her costume. She had dreaded this moment. “This isn’t going to be good.” Her breasts were pushed up because of the corset and she tried to fix it but no matter what she did, it didn’t work. The skirt was mid-thigh and she tried to pull it down. Susan said she should keep her hair down and curled. Looking into the mirror she sighed. “Maybe I can say I’m sick.”

“Oh no you don’t. You look amazing Ginny!” Susan walked in with a big smile on her face. Her costume was even shorter, and she had on thigh-highs with heels. What if she needed to bend over? Turning, she looked back at her costume. “Really? I don’t know. I just feel strange. Very exposed.”

Susan took her hand. “Don’t. All the other girls will be wearing things way more revealing. You’re just uncomfortable because you don’t show off your body. It’s really hot by the way. If I was into girls, you would be my choice. I like that you left your hair down as I suggested. Put some lipstick on and let’s go. Justin is waiting for us downstairs. This is going to be so much fun!”

Ginny put on her long cardigan even though Susan told her it wasn’t needed. “I’ll take it off when we get to the party.” Seeing her friend roll her eyes they walked over to where Susan’s boyfriend of the month was waiting. A big smile lit his face as he scanned both of them. “Ladies, you look amazing. Ginny, I didn’t know you had such a curvy body.”

Feeling self-conscious, she pulled the cardigan closed and Susan sighed at her boyfriend. “She’s a bit nervous Justin. Let’s get going.” Taking his hand, Ginny heard her asking him how he liked her costume.

When they got to the party, there was a coat check. Susan turned smiling. “Time to reveal the new Ginny. Hand her your sweater.” Justin grinned, his eyes taking in her whole body as she gave the coat to the girl at the table. If this was how it was going to be all night, she was leaving.

Hitting him on the shoulder, Susan said, “Stop staring. Leave Ginny be. Now come on, let’s have some fun. They put on the masks that were provided at the door and walked into the main room. Ginny saw her reflection and felt a bit calmer now that her face was half covered. At least, she could pretend to be someone and not be so shy.

Once they walked in, Ginny looked around. She thought it was going to be a dance, but there were also tables placed around the room advertising games and other fun things to do. In the middle was the dance floor and she watched couples laughing as they moved to the music. Susan tapped her. “Have some fun. Justin and I are going to dance. I’ll be around if you need me.”

Not realizing she was going to be alone, she wanted to turn and leave but then saw a booth that looked interesting. Slowly walking toward it, she notices eyes on her. One guy whistled and she heard him whisper to his friend, “I wonder who’s under that mask. I would love to get to know that body.”

Ginny felt her nerves jangle but took a deep breath. Another part felt happy. Maybe her body wasn’t as horrible as she always thought. Still, that male wasn’t going to ever know her or her body.

When she got up to the booth her eyes widened. A sign in letters said, “Wishes for Kisses Booth.” Not sure what that meant she got closer to the table and saw a tall male turn, smiling at her. He was dressed as Santa but there was not an ounce of fat on him. Wearing a mask, she only saw his smile and deep blue eyes. Her heart started pounding.

Evan wasn’t looking forward to running this booth. His friend was supposed to but ended up breaking his ankle after falling off a motorcycle. Who was going to tell their deepest wishes for a kiss? Besides, he wasn’t too sure he wanted to kiss all the females here. That was until he saw the cute Santa’s helper. She wasn’t like the other girls. He could tell by how she kept trying to pull her skirt down. He wasn’t sure why. She had a gorgeous figure. Seeing her walk up to him he smiled, hoping she would try the booth.

“Ho, ho, ho. Why hello there. I see you’re one of my helpers. Glad you came to the party. What is your name? I should know but the Mrs. recently hired new help.” He smiled and it made her relax and she started to laugh. “You can call me Jingerbell. Jinger for short. Nice to meet you Santa. Does Mrs. Claus know you are kissing other women?”

Ginny smiled and Evan chuckled. She had a good sense of humor. He liked that. “Well, Jinger, she gives me a pass at Christmas time. So, do you want to tell me one of your wishes? Are you daring enough?” He leaned over and she saw his eyes twinkling. Who was he?

Normally, she would walk away, but something about him made her want to stay. Thinking whether or not she should tell her deep secret, she stood there thinking. Evan watched her. Why was she being so hesitant? Most girls would have jumped at it. In real life, his looks always got him plenty of dates, and it didn’t hurt that he was on the football team. The thing was that he was tired of the games. A Senior, he wanted a stable relationship and to be liked for himself. Nobody cared that he had a 4.0 GPA or that he wanted to be an architect. They only saw the outside.

Ginny saw him looking at her and taking a deep breath decided to do it. She was wearing a mask so he would never know her true identity. She was going to get what she wanted for once. Smiling up at him, she looked into his eyes. “My secret is that I’ve never been kissed. Not once. I want my first kiss.”

Evan felt like he needed to sit down. How could that be? Her lips were full and when she smiled, he felt his heart beating fast. Leaning over he gave a skeptical look. “Are you lying to me? I’m Santa and I’ll know.”

He watched as her cheeks flushed and she lowered her eyes. “No, it’s true. I went on a date and the guy left with someone else.” Now that it was out, she didn’t feel as bad as she thought she would.

Evan thought she was going to walk away but then she looked up at him. “Well, that’s my story and you know my wish. So, are you going to grant it?”

Ginny wasn’t usually so forward but she felt brave and wanted Santa to be her first kiss. Evan wanted to take his mask off but the rules were they stayed on until Midnight. Standing up, he looked at her. There was something about her. Maybe it was how honest she had been. Taking a deep breath he curled his finger. “Come closer, Jinger. Time to fulfill your wish.”

Moving as close as she could with the table between them, she saw him smile as he leaned over and taking her face in his hands, moved his lips over hers. Warmth spread through her and his breath smelled of peppermint. He was taking it slow and she moaned when his teeth nipped her lower lip. If this was what a kiss felt like, she wanted more.

Evan had never felt such soft lips. Her breath smelled like cotton candy and he had to take his time as he didn’t want to scare her off. Feeling her hands go around his neck, he let his tongue move along the seam of her lips. Instinctively, she opened her mouth and he moved closer, his tongue finding the warmth it sought.

Ginny almost fainted. His tongue was magical and it swept slowly across hers. Her head grew dizzy and she felt her fingers running through his hair as the kiss deepened. ‘How did I ever live without this?’ She couldn’t stop herself. If anyone passed by, they would think the two were a couple. Feeling his hands move lower, he pulled her closer and she didn’t even care that the back of her shirt shifted. All she wanted was more of him.

Evan wanted to kiss her forever. He had to find out who she was. He knew she had given him a fake name. Her mouth was warm and her tongue danced with his. She was a fast learner. When he felt her fingers in his hair, he groaned.

They kissed and explored each other’s mouths until they heard a bang. Ginny felt dazed and had to take a few breaths to calm herself.

Laughter had her turn her head to see a couple dancing. They had moved so fast, that the male had felt against the table. Evan looked at her as the couple left, still dancing and laughing. He reached for her hand but Ginny pulled away. The moment was over. “Thank you for granting my wish Santa. Merry Christmas.” She left as fast as she could hearing Evan calling out to her. “Wait, I didn’t get your real name. Which dorm are you in?”

Watching her walk off, Evan wanted to go after her but he couldn’t leave the booth. “Dammit! I have to find her.” Not in the mood to be here, he sat down hoping nobody would come to the booth. All he wanted to do was think of her and that amazing kiss.

Ginny didn’t even tell Susan she was leaving. Her heart was pounding as she walked the campus to her dorm room. That kiss had been magical. She could have stayed there all night kissing him. Why did that couple have to ruin it? Once she was in her room she looked in the mirror. Her face was flushed, and her lips swollen. She still felt his lips on hers. Smiling she said out loud, “I had my first kiss.” The problem was, she wanted more kisses from Santa.

She couldn’t sleep thinking about the kiss and was awake when Susan walked in. “Hey, you’re still up? When did you leave? I looked for you but you were gone.” Ginny didn’t want to tell her about the kiss. “I stayed a while and saw a few booths, then I left. I’m sorry I didn’t find you. It was really nice though.” Her mind went back to the Santa at the Wishes for Kisses booth. She wondered who he was.

Susan smiled and went to undress and wash up. “See, it wasn’t so bad. I’m glad you had a good time.” Ginny leaned against the pillows smiling. She had a wonderful time.


Finals were coming up and Evan was walking down the hall. He had tried to find Jingerbell for weeks and now it was almost Winter break. Nobody knew who she was as he had asked all the guys in his dorm. Had it been a dream? No, not with those lips and eyes. Sighing he walked into his class, still thinking about her.

Ginny had been thinking about the kiss for weeks. Since then she felt different. More confident. She even stopped wearing baggy sweaters. Susan noticed too. A few guys had started talking to her and asked her for coffee. She accepted but kept looking for Santa. In fact, every time a guy spoke to her, she listened to hear if it was his voice. None of them were him. She should never have run off.


Everyone was going home for Winter break. Ginny lived only an hour away so she had time. Susan was flying home and about to leave when she saw Ginny sitting on her bed. “Hey, aren’t you packed yet? I know you don’t have far to go but soon the campus will be empty.” Looking up, she saw tears in her eyes. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll leave in a bit. Have a wonderful Winter break and Happy New Year.”

Susan sat down on her bed, taking her hand. “I have a bit of time. Now tell me what’s going on.”

After pouring her heart out, Ginny hoped Susan wouldn’t laugh at her. “So let me get this straight. The night of the Christmas Masquerade Party, you kissed a guy you didn’t know, and can’t stop thinking about him. That must have been some kiss.” Ginny looked up, wiping a tear away. “It was my first and it was wonderful. I am so stupid. I should have given my real name. There aren’t many Ginny’s here. I got scared and ran off. Pretty immature for a Junior.”

Susan patted her hand. “No, not really. We’re young and supposed to be childish sometimes. How else can we mature? Personally, I wish I waited for a lot of things instead of going head first. So, do you think he’s wondering where you are? What did he look like? Maybe I know him.” Ginny hugged her and tried to describe him. “He sounds like a lot of guys. Geez, I’m sorry. Maybe when we come back, you’ll bump into him and know?”

“I don’t think that will happen. He’s a Senior so I doubt we’ll have the same classes. I guess I should just let it go. You better get to the airport. Thanks for not judging me.” Giving her a hug, Susan got up and took her luggage. “Merry Christmas Gin. Maybe the real Santa will surprise you?” Smiling she turned and walked out, leaving Ginny with her thoughts.

Evan was going home tomorrow. He needed to finish up something for one of his classes. The professor had given him extra time because he was an A student. Walking toward the library, he saw a young woman struggling with a rolling suitcase. She looked familiar. Her head was down as she pulled it along.

Ginny wished she had taken the new suitcase her parents gave her on Thanksgiving. Instead, she told them the old one was fine. Now she was dragging it alone as she walked to the parking lot to retrieve her car. Her head was down so she didn’t see the male walking toward her. All of a sudden she heard a voice. “Can I give you a hand with that? You seem to be having a hard time.”

Looking up she saw the dark blue eyes and lips of Santa from the Wishes for Kisses booth. Eyes wide she stood there, silent. Evan’s eyes widened as he saw her face for the first time. He couldn’t forget her lips or how cute her nose was. “Jingerbell? Is it you?” Glad she had worn a fitted coat and not something bulky, Ginny nodded. “Santa, right?”

A big smile lit his handsome face as he took her hand. “Evan Lawrence. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Ginny felt his warmth through her glove. “Virginia Matthews, Ginny for short. You have?”

Nodding he kept smiling at her. “I couldn’t forget that kiss we shared. Why did you run off that night?” Ginny sighed. “It was an amazing kiss. I guess I got scared when the couple broke the moment. I’m sorry. I’ve wondered about you too. What are you doing here? I thought everyone was gone for Winter break?”

Holding his other hand over hers, Evan moved closer. “I’m going home tomorrow. Had to finish up something for a class. I’m really happy this happened. It’s like a Christmas miracle. So, have you kissed anyone else?”

Ginny couldn’t believe it. It really was a miracle. “How could I? You spoiled me for anyone else.” Evan smiled and lifted her chin as his face moved toward hers. “I’m very glad to hear that. Would you like your second kiss?” Ginny nodded and saw his eyes twinkle. “Then tell me a wish for a kiss.” Smiling, she moved her hands so she could wrap them around his neck. “I wished to find you so we could do this again.”

Chuckling, Evan’s lips touched hers and they stood there, clinging to each other, the only two people on the campus.



Ginny found out that Evan lived only a half hour away from her parents’ home and they spent the entire Winter break together. They returned to college a couple and the following Christmas, Evan and Ginny reenacted the first time they kissed. Only this time, Ginny’s wishes had come true.

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