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With Each Sip of Ceylon Tea

With Each Sip of Ceylon Tea

written by: Mark Tulin



As I drink my black Ceylon tea,
on the porch of ageless wisdom,
I turn my gaze to the flowers,
a garden of stars on earth,
timeless tulips, eternal daffodils,
and bramble bushes without their thorns.

A warm cup of tea to hold is needed
to appreciate this world.
There is a spirit inside each teacup,
a burst of glorious sunshine
infused with friendly souls
connecting me to the universe.

With each sip of hot tea,
I taste two leaves and a bud,
rolled and fermented,
dried and sifted,
hand-picked by female sages
in the highlands of Sri Lanka.

The tea speaks in
warm flowing vapors,
and its magical qualities
soothe my metaphysical
aches and pains:

I am delicate.
I am immortal.
With each sip of tea,
I share my life
with the ancestors of the fields.

Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin is a former family therapist, joke writer, and fruit huckster. He started writing poems in high school and has never stopped writing and publishing. His books include Magical Yogis, Awkward Grace, The Asthmatic Kid and Other Stories, Junkyard Souls, and Rain on Cabrillo. Mark and his wife ride the bike lanes in Long Beach, California, when he's not writing. See more of his work at - Crow On The Wire.
Mark Tulin

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