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written by: J. G. Elas



I aspired to be good, better.
For you. I slept with the devil,
ate with the angels, saw myself
burn in a pyre of tongues
stretching from the ground-up.
I drunk the wine and quenched
the thirst deep in my throat.
I felt the red water flowing
down my pipe but I still gulped
for more, for more that never
came. I wiped my tears and still
my eyes bled from the sword,
at my back, pierced deep and
coiling; lashing my skin open for
the vultures flying above my head.

I saw us veiled under a blanket,
the moon’s soft white light,
but something inside me gnawed
its claws out, ripping the thin
sheet of my skin open with the
need to know: was I not good?

Was I not enough for you?

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