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New Beginnings

written by: J. G. Elas



Winter came with snow
and covered us in white,
casting an icy glow—
the same feeling he
showed that night.

Spring came with hope
renewing my shattered heart,
I reached the end of the road,
happy; yet still feeling torn apart.

If you love me in the Summer
and all the things I have behind,
I hope you love me still despite
all the things that I'm.

For in the Fall I fell hard
and he took a step back.
Be my gravity, pull me close—
and glue my cracks.

J. G. Elas

J. G. Elas

J. G. Elas is a writer and online content contributor and has authored an autobiographical book that narrates the life of an INFP in his early twenties. He blogs based on experiences and would highlight the fragility and tentativeness of some of the relationships he’s been in to.
J. G. Elas

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