Yearning, a poem by Mohamed El Houssaini at
Lucio Patone



written by: Mohamed El Houssaini


It’s the early morning in winter,
men lying on walls,
enjoying the capacity and birds singing on almond and olive trees.
When peacefulness reaches its peak,
And the voice of livestock spreads the highest quality of serenity.

It’s the early morning in winter,
When artful wives and their demure daughters make tea and olive oil.
When the savor of hot bread can be effortlessly tasted for long.
When chastity and pure love gather,
they construct the strongest family roots.

It’s the early morning in winter,
And men spread on their acres,
Chasing their pure bread.
And with their loyal wives,
A life full of unconditional love is built.

I have a yen for the rustic beauty of the life I owned,
I long for myself as a sheep run,
and the bewitchment of nature around me mesmerize my soul.
And birds fascinate the view with their magical whistle and gathering on trees.

And now, woe is me.
Enclosed by walls and nothing but walls.
I’m strangled so heinously and have no place to breathe.
I should have stayed,
oh I should have appreciated the life I owned.

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