You Always Remember Your First, flash fiction by P.A. O'Neil at

You Always Remember Your First

You Always Remember Your First

written by: P.A. O’Neil



The noise from the roundabout stops you in your tracks. Looking over your shoulder, you see drivers positioning for an orderly entrance. Shrugging, you pull open the coffee shop door. Though it’s a chain, this shop had an intimate atmosphere with its quiet music and variable collection of seating.

Stopping before the gas fireplace, you use the action of warming your backside to take a cursory look at the seated customers. You’re there to meet Lily Pollock. Up to now you’ve only communicated through email, but today the meeting is for the actual interview. Going up to the counter with a sufficiently toasted rear, you order a large latte, hoping all the while someone would come up and ask if you were “Vera.”

Politely, you thank the waitress for the hazelnut latte you settled for because it wasn’t the right season for gingerbread and turn around. Sitting by herself is a woman of indeterminate age, pen and unopened notebook before her on the table. Even though it’s comfortably warm, she is still wearing her coat which makes you think she might be unsure about staying. Your eyes meet, and she smiles. Smiling in return, you take a chance that this is Lily Pollock, and walk up to introduce yourself.

“Hello, my name is Vera. Are you Lily?”

Standing with her hand out, “Yes, I am. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Your smile broadens as you shake her hand, then you both sit down. “And you! I hope you didn’t wait too long?”

“Not at all. Watching the cars maneuver the roundabout has been entertaining. In fact, I thought there was going to be an accident just before you came in.”

“I know, I heard it, but I didn’t see…”


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