You Are Loved, a poem by Benedict Hurley at
Dakota Corbin

You Are Loved

You Are Loved

written by: Benedict Hurley



The time goes by so quickly but the memories linger on
Love had kept us together but the pain was far too strong
We should have been celebrating the beginning of a new life
Instead our hearts were broken as that new life was taken from us

Though we never got to hold you or look into your eyes
We never had a chance to see your smile or to see your beautiful face
You were taken from us so quickly that the world around us fell to pieces
And our love was torn apart and the life we had built was ended

As I sit here writing these words as tears fill my eyes
I wish we could turn the clock back and return to better days
When the words “I love you” filled our every nights and days
I wish that I could hold you and look into your eyes
And tell you from my heart for now and always “You Are Loved”

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