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You Bend The Air

You bend the air

written by: Don Knowles



Straight from the womb
Right At your birth
The first conscious act
Is your deepest breath of air
Inflating the brand new capillaries
this your first introduction of air for lungs
And with a primal scream you propel it on out
This original inhalation follows you about
Circling You surrounds your being
for the rest of your habitation of this world
It trails besides and far above
Personal contrails soars with the doves
Takes flight with carrion far above
You influence the weather
With each breath you intake
You feed the trees in every exhalation
With a sudden gasp you make a wake
You’ll fly in your dreams though you’re a man
Dive deep in the sea with it canned
Your atmosphere is here and there
You are literally everywhere
You the hurricane gale and gust
You the twister spitting dust
You fill each hot air balloon
All from simple respiration
With unconscious inspirations
The circle continues
Till the last rattle discontinues
Last inflation of the sacs
Then there’s no turning back
So cherish the air you take
Don’t hold it in Make no mistake
It’s what propels the soul
So have a breath so deep
It will lull you off to sleep
Where clouds are words of love
That you speak in hushed tones
With each breathing
Each respire
You bend the air



Ode to the supreme importance of fresh air and our interdependence.

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