You Deserve Better, a poem by Afeez Ayomide Olagunju at
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You Deserve Better

You Deserve Better

written by: Afeez Ayomide Olagunju



You deserve better
like the rose
with a thorny stem

You deserve better
like the lonely seed
in the pear’s pod

You deserve better
like the lonely star
1500 light-years
from its nearest neighbour

You deserve better
like a house
with no roof

You are the pineapple
supported by a sturdy stem
but alone you stand
longing for your likes

The whale’s loud noise
looking for his closest mate
shakes the ocean like
it is a sign of horror.

Afeez Ayomide Olagunju

Afeez Ayomide Olagunju

Afeez Ayomide Olagunju, founder of Cereus Publications. He is a poet, songwriter, innovator and entrepreneur. He is a graduate of computer science from Osun State University, Nigeria. He is one of the new breeds of writers combining their scientific background with that of literary art to create impacts in their chosen endeavours. He has written several poems which have been published in anthologies like Late Night Poets and magazines like Dark poetry society. He is currently working on two collections of poem books titled Desert to Rainforest and Poetic Inventions. When he is not writing, he focuses on the management of his business, conceptualizes board games or composes songs.
Afeez Ayomide Olagunju

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