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A Brooklynite

A Brooklynite

by Anne G

A Brooklynite by birth

my first tender years

are memories of Bushwick

The grand – Avenue

Broad tree lined streets

and sidewalks that gleamed

many cars with bright colors

yellow, purple and pink

Trips to downtown

with my hand in the hand

of my grandfather Isaac

so stalwart, so strong

He would take me with him

to Horn and Hardart

to eat soup for a nickel

apple pie and ice cream

On cold winter days

to the Diner we’d go

 drink mugs of hot chocolate

with whipped cream on top

Back home with my nana

we’d sit down to tea

eat rice and corn fritters

and sweet Social Teas

On hot summer days

at the fountain we three

sipping small cherry cokes

perched on tall swivel stools

I’d skip as we walked

holding each by the hand

making memories of Brooklyn

and sweet reverie

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