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A Dragoness

A Dragoness

written by: Theodora Oniceanu



With wrath my tears destroy you day by day,
A call for freedom, burning flames I spit
With style I kill to rid of all dismay,
The angel turned to Dragoness, my friend.

With sorrow, dread and terror blessed a world
I tame my heart longing for vengeance,
Our kind was meant to save tales with significance,
I’m just a Healthy Dragoness, dear friend.

With wings endowed, once known as lovely angel,
I take my flight to castles of dark realms
Of fantasy, I’m telling stories clutched in rhythms
Your spirit enthralled by every philomel.

With reverence to great your archer’s spears are crumbling,
My skin too thick and rough the scales,
In history with chocolate brown and caramels I’m partying,
A little treat to follow my hard battle days.

The playhouse ours, the arena burning,
I swallow all this dream to join the circus,
With high a podium the estrade falling
To levels of the grounds contemporaneous.

With rage the fires spit from nostrils roaring,
A family of monsters here inflamed,
There’s darkness in the shell you loved for daring…
I’m just a Dragoness, great friend.

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