Over The Moon, a poem by Rekha Rajgopal at Spillwords.com
Jasmin Chew

Over The Moon

Over The Moon

written by: Rekha Rajgopal


I walked with my eyes on firm terrain
lost in pedestrian thoughts
up similar yet tortuous paths

A birdcall had me acquaint
my jaded soul with your frame
shining away with your twinkling pals

You stood out in their sprinkled dust
gathered to watch your reign over a swarthy sky
who you wiped with a luminous fie

Moved I was by your humility
in following everywhere I went
albeit the universe followed you

How do I care for a brilliant sun
that vanished at the first downpour
the sun gave life, you gave soul

You emerge from every shadow
proving your beauty not skin deep,
It is why you have us at your feet.

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