A Dream Trip Beyond Reality, a poem by Deepti Shakya at Spillwords.com
Mahdi Bafande

A Dream Trip Beyond Reality

A Dream Trip Beyond Reality

written by: Deepti Shakya


I was sleeping peacefully on my bed,
After some time I went on a dream trip.
Ah! What a beautiful sight beyond my imagination,
I was happy and surprised to see this astonishing sight.

Beautiful blue sky and countless twinkling silvery stars,
Cottony soft white clouds and very bright beautiful moon.
It felt like I had got wonderful wings,
And I was flying in this beautiful heaven.

Oh! What a serene, amazing and soulful journey it is?
Suddenly amidst the clouds I saw an open heavenly door.
Was it the door of the heavenly palace?
In which all fairies and angels live?

When I got closer to that door,
I saw many golden butterflies flying there.
I saw magical flowers, and trees laden with bright fruits,
I was so excited to enter and see the inside.

Suddenly someone called my name and I lost my sleep,
Now I was back from my dream trip.
Maybe the Angels wanted,
Let no one know the secret of the cosmic paradise.

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