A Friend I'd Like You To Meet written by Gabryela at Spillwords.com

A Friend I’d Like You To Meet

a friend i’d like you to meet

written by: Gabryela



a friend of mine has told me
that we are defenseless when it comes to feelings
that humans drown themselves
in a whirlpool of woes
and come out feeling strong
after sulking.

more often than not,
i’d hear him say how he chased love
how they exchanged punches
and still think they should be together
despite the bleeding lips
and bruising cheeks.

he convinced me that sunny day
that love doesn’t end
just because of misunderstanding
and unsettled difference

it lives on.
it stays
and rubs
the aching corners
of our bodies.

i embraced him
inside my thoughts
and wrapped his limbs
in the warmth of my torso

and i often wish
i could whisper
how i want to borrow the flame
that seems to grow out of his hair
and use it to light the dark bend
of where you and i met.

maybe then you’ll look at me
with feelings i fail to contain.


There’s a friend who always reminds me to fight for people who make you feel so much more alive.

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